Situated at the mouth of the river Arun, Littlehampton is a coastal gem and, sheltered by the South Downs, is said to have the sunniest weather on the South Coast. Add to this the two contrasting beaches, making it a fabulous place for a day out by the seaside.

Littlehampton is a Community Rail Station

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Sussex Community Rail Partnership
Harbour Park

Harbour Park

Splash land on the Log Flume or try favourites like the Dodgems and Ocean Coaster. Rides for younger children include a Giant Slide and Mini Car Circuit. Indoors offers soft play area and arcade games.
South Downs National Park

South Downs National Park

With over 3,300 km of paths, the South Downs National Park offers a diverse, breath-taking landscape. Its green rolling pastures, wide open spaces, ancient woodlands, river valleys and dramatic coastline truly encompass the National Park ethos. Amberley, Arundel and Pulborough stations offer unparalleled access to walks and bike rides, wildlife and heritage.
Arundel Walking Tours

Arundel Walking Tours

Join Arundel Historic Tours to be enthused by a wealth of information about the town. Tours start from the Norfolk Arms each day at 2pm. You can book a tour adapted to our needs or invite Arundel to you, by way of a talk about the area.
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