With the Seaford to Brighton line group, the Sussex Community Rail Partnership is working closely with Southern, ESCC, Brighton and Hove City Council, the Universities, Amex Stadium local businesses and the community activity along this SCRP line started in December 2012. The line group aims to focus on the benefits and opportunities which can be brought to the local community by the railway.

Engaging with local business is important and is already occurring through local station sponsorship and joint working, encouraging employees to travel by train and creating a buzz around local tourism. The production and distribution of the new line guide which promotes the destinations along the line to the local command to prospective visitors owes much to the collaborative input of local businesses The large student population travelling to the Universities and colleges all along the route form a very important part of the work of the line group, encouraging them to use the train and also getting their involvement in projects associated to the
sustainability objective of the Partnership.


150th SB 2

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