Edenbridge is the epicentre of two community rail lines. With two stations the residents are lucky enough to be able to travel in four different directions at any time. A town, big enough to have its own Waitrose and yet small enough to have real community spirit, a little town with a big heart.

A lot of the SCRP work centres around Edenbridge Town Station. With the support of Southern Rail one corner of the ticket hall has been turned into an information hub for walkers with walk leaflets and maps available.

Edenbridge Town Council and a Southern Rail grant has paid for a large freestanding pin-board which is used by community groups on a monthly rota system. Children from Edenbridge Primary School have provided art-work for the ticket hall. The after-school eco-club looks after the platform planter, regularly replanting with seasonal flowers and shrubs.

A local landscape gardener has voluntarily taken on the task of removing the mini forest from the two very large raised beds in the car-park and with some help from the primary school is restoring them to their former glory.

When the town celebrated its two week-long summer festival the ticket hall was adorned with hand-painted bunting courtesy of the School. The Town also held a Sustainability Fair, a successful event attended by SCRP,
Southern and many groups, organisations and local businesses all concerned with green issues, including using the train to help reduce carbon emissions.

SCRP is a regular attendee of two local groups; the Tourism Forum and the Town Partnership, both groups work towards promoting the town and improving lives of the local residents.


Ed May 2014

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